Welcome to the home of True North Research. We are the first digital marketing research firm forged on the African continent. Our services and specialisations are truly unique to any other digital agency or research firm in Africa. True North Research has conducted in depth studies across multiple industries including legal, education and property to name a few.

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Our Clients

True North specialises in:

Digital marketing research
Digital competitor analysis
Digital marketing strategy
Digital brand auditing

We are not a research house that conducts qualitative market research utilising focus groups and members of the public. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to gather accurate digital analytical data and deliver rich insight and actionable strategies to generate finite results.

Digital marketing research

True North Research utilises over 50 different subscription tools to extract quantitative data and generate in-depth insight into both you and your competitors' digital results.

Many agencies claim to offer a "brand audit" or "digital research" service however they do not possess the battery of tools to deliver an effective in-depth report to you that does not require access to your current data set.

With this data we are able to map a current industry overview as well as identify where you are in comparison to your competitors within your industry. This knowledge allows you to develop a digital strategy that will yield results and will be measurable from the first campaign.

Competitor analysis

Our clients all have one thing in common: They want to know how their industry and competitors are performing in the digital market space so that they can benchmark themselves and identify their areas of improvement. Our proprietary sets of tools are capable of gathering data with absolutely no access required to your owned platforms such as analytics, website coding and social media platforms. Below is an example of the data we can pull:

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy is the next logical step once we have finalised our industry specific competitor analysis research. Our strategy uses empirical data that has been summarised and inferred on during the research phase to ensure that the strategy and measurement thereof is accurate and effective.

There is a strong focus on return on investment (ROI) in our strategies that help our clients measure the success of each campaign.

Digital auditing

Many larger businesses and brands have invested extensively in their digital marketing services with an agency of their choosing. Often a company requires an external third party audit to assess the effectiveness and results of either the campaign or the finite digital strategy that has been put in place.

The digital audit is not conducted to "expose" your agency's faults and areas of weakness but rather to assess the best spend with the best results from an external professional.

A digital audit can either be done on a single area of digital marketing, or have a more holistic view whereby the audit is conducted over the entire strategy and specific period of time.


True North Research employs a dynamic and innovative group that specialises in working together with your team or if need be in isolation to generate optimal results. The consulting division of the business leverages off the proprietary systems and tools we have built in order to offer clients a clearer perspective and to continuously assist clients on an ongoing basis.


True North Research was born from the learnings of a digital agency and has been active in the lecturing and training space in different formats for over 5 years.

We have run both local and international programs from our set course modules as well as building custom course material. Our lecturing and training extends to large brands such as Barclays bank, Wits Business School and Royal Canin.

Our Clients


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